Wave 8 Sal Mosca/ Peter Ind At the Den (Vinyl)

Wave 8 “Looking back I had such joy playing with Sal over the years. We met in 1951 just after I had emigrated to New York. We played at various times and one day when a drummer was not available we  played our first duo. Fortunately I have a tape of that beginning. I felt a new musical freedom .. firstly with the stimulation of Sal’s  improvisation and then  the new freedom to stretch out on my solos cushioned by Sal’s sensitive backing. In 1958 Al Shackman took a resident trio into Eddie Leipzig’s club, the Den at the Duane and I played there for a year and at one time Sal and I did a duo – these are recordings from that time. I am so glad we recorded Sal’s mastery of piano improvisation – now captured forever for those who want to listen.”

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