Wave CD 16 Lee Konitz/ Warne Marsh/ Al Leavitt/ Peter Ind . London Concert 1976/ 2002

Wave CD 16 London Concert Saxophonists Lee Konitz and Warne Marsh recorded together and worked in Tristano’s group in the late 40s.. Bassist Peter Ind got to know them in that group and was later a member of Lee’s band.. Al Leavitt was also a part of that movement.. Down the years they kept in touch. For the several reunions in the 70s we must thank Peter In. In the autumn of 1975 he organised a European tour featuring the group plus Dave Cliff on guitar….. It was obvious that a return trip had to be arranged and the following spring a tour was arranged .. this album was recorded at one of those concerts –  in England on the 15th March 1976..{These are} complete pieces of group improvisation.

Mark Gardner Liner Notes 1976

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