Wave CD 38 Tony Barnard and Peter Ind – Guitar Jam 2000


Wave CD 38 Tony Barnard and Peter Ind present “Guitar Jam” (London Sessions Two), the companion CD to Wave 33. Featuring Louis Stewart, Jim Mullen, Dave Cliff, Nils Solberg and Tony Barnard -guitars, and Peter Ind – Double Bass. “While Guitar fans will relish the opportunity to hear Australia’s Barnard play in memorable chase choruses, dialogues and jams with distinctive stylists like Jim Mullen, Louis Stewart and Dave Cliff, I regret that Ind gets less solo space as a result! When he does solo in ‘Secret Love’, ‘In a Mellow Tone’, and during the driving chase dialogue with Barnard and Cliff that concludes ‘Tenor Madness’, his vibrant invention shows why he numbers among the contemporary masters of his instrument,” David Lewis – Cadence Feb 2001

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